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Ewa Beach - 808-689-0999

(Served Until 12 noon)

= Best Seller!
= Mini Plates Available (deduct $2.50)


Served with choice of Fresh Hash Brown Potatoes or Rice or Brown Rice or Toast. Fried Rice $1.00 extra
2 Eggs and Meat
(Your Choice of Meat: Bacon, Spam, Pork Sausage, Vienna Sausage, Luncheon Meat, Pupu Pup Sausage, Portuguese Sausage, Hamburga Patty or Ham)
2 Eggs and Corned Beef Onion $8.45
 2 Eggs and "Homemade" Corned Beef Hash $8.55


 Shiro's Original
(Two Scrambled Eggs with Shoyu, Green Onions and Dashi - A Shiro’s Original!)
Plus Your Choice of Meat
Shiro's Original with Corned Beef Hash or Corned Beef Onion $8.65
Vegetarian Omelette (Two Eggs, Tomatoes, Bean Sprouts, Onions and Mushrooms) $8.20
Three Egg Omelette (3 Large Eggs and Your Choice of Meat) $8.65
(Above Served with Choice of Fresh Hash Brown Potatoes or Rice or Toast)
 Loko Moko (One Hamburga, Two Eggs and Gravy on a Rice)** $8.05
 Katsu Loko Moko (Chicken Katsu, Two Eggs, Gravy on Rice)** $8.05
 Deka Boko Loko Moko (Two Hamburga Patties, Two Eggs and Gravy on Rice)** $10.45
Corned Beef, Cabbage, Onions and Rice
(Canned Corned Beef Prepared the “Plantation Days” Way)


(A Delicious Blend of Char Siu, Luncheon Meat, Onions, Spices and Rice)
• Fried Rice with 1 Egg** $6.50
 Fried Rice Omelette (Fried Rice wrapped in a thin layer of egg, with your choice of meat) $9.15
 Fried Rice Omelette with Pork Adobo or Mochiko Chicken $10.05


• Hot Cakes (3 Flap Jacks) $5.65   • Banana Hot Cakes (3 Banana Flap Jacks) $6.85
• Short Stack (2 Flap Jacks) $5.05   • Banana Short Stack (2 Banana Flap Jacks) $6.30
• Single Hot Cake $4.25   • Single Banana Hot Cake $5.05
• Belgian Malt Waffles $6.20
• Belgian Malt Waffles with Fruit & Whipped Cream (Sliced Banana or Strawberry Topping) $8.75
  Bacon Belgian Malt Waffles & Whipped Cream (There’s Bacon in every bite!!) $10.20
  Mochiko Chicken and Belgian Malt Waffles $10.55
  Mini Waffles OR Pancakes and Meat $5.45


• Bacon, Spam, Pork or Portuguese Sausage, Hamburger Patty, Ham, Vienna Sausage or Luncheon Meat
• Corned Beef Hash $5.35   • One Egg (any style)** $1.80
• Sweet Bread French Toast $5.10   • Two Eggs (any style)** $2.95
• Fresh Hash Brown Potatoes or Toast $2.00   • Fried Rice (2 Scoops) $4.40


• Passion-Orange Juice $1.85   • Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee $1.90
• Orange Juice $2.20   • Hawaiian Isles Decaf Coffee $2.00
• Organic Milk 2% $2.45   • Hot Tea $1.70
• Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream $2.25   • Hot Green Tea $1.90
*We make our Gravy the “old” way. We take all the bits of beef, juices & drippings; add in onions, garlic, carrots & celery; and braise it for hours until all the flavors are melded into a caramel wonder.*
Add 4.712% State Excise Tax. Sorry, No Substitutions
**Raw or under cooked foods may increase your risk of food born illnesses.

Waimalu Location
98-020 Kamehameha Hwy
Aiea, HI 96701


Sun-Thurs 7am-10:30pm
Fri-Sat 7am-11:30pm

Ewa Beach Location
91-919 Fort Weaver Rd.
Ewa Beach, HI 96706


Sun-Thurs 7am-10:30pm
Fri-Sat 7am-11:30pm


Shiros Saimin Hawaii